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Mommy Makeover – how soon is too soon?

Posted on December 3, 2019

By: Dr. Asaf Yalif

Mommy makeovers are a very common constellation of plastic surgical procedures performed after a ”Mom” has had children. They usually involve some form of breast procedure (augmentation, lift, reduction) and a body procedure (tummy tuck, liposuction, etc.) Our Atlanta and Alpharetta GA patients come in for consultation and voice concerns with regard to many things, but among the most frequent topics of discussion is timing of surgery. Today we will try to address that question and help clarify when might be the right time for you to consider your “mommy makeover!”

When did you give birth?

Having a child is a miraculous event, bringing a new person into the world and enlarging your family unit. There are also dramatic changes to your body – first as it adapts to growing baby and then as it tries to recover from the birth itself. Then there are also the metabolic and other hormonal changes associated with the pregnancy and with breastfeeding. No matter what your body will require some time “to recover.” This recovery may not be absolute – meaning that some of the changes from pregnancy may be irreversible – as the body may not fully revert to pre-pregnancy status. That being said, for most plastic surgeons we recommend waiting at least 6 months before entertaining surgery. We do this to allow your body to heal as best it can and for your metabolism to get back to normal. So many things are changing during that time that may affect which operation we would recommend for your mommy makeover and how you would recover that we strongly recommend you wait. When we say “6 months” we generally means 6 months from when you finish breastfeeding, as your breasts will change dramatically once you stop breastfeeding.

Do you want to grow your family?

If you are planning on getting pregnant again it may be worthwhile to consider delaying the mommy makeover until you’re done having children. The idea here is that the pregnancy can undo some of the surgical changes to the abdomen and breasts and it could require another mommy makeover to correct. Even if you’ve had a breast lift the remaining tissue will hypertrophy with milk and may undo the lift. As such we counsel patients to be honest with themselves, their partners, and their surgeons. We are happy to do a mommy makeover and restore your desired aesthetic, and while we can do it after every child we recommend waiting so do it after you’ve had all your children.

Are you weight stable and happy?

As noted above it is not uncommon to gain weight during pregnancy. There is a large range of normal variations in the amount gained. There is also significant variability in how new moms body deals with that weight. In some the weight slowly goes back to normal while some lose weight more rapidly. There is no judgment here, but when we entertain surgery we want you to be at a weight that you are happy with, and can maintain. In this way we can plan the procedure to match what your body will be able to heal and be comfortable with. If you are actively gaining or losing weight it will alter your surgical outcome and also your recovery and eventual result.

Do I need surgery??

I cannot express how deeply personal this choice is for each and every patient. As a new mom no one should make you feel that you need to alter yourself. You are dealing with so many things that the last thing you need is to feel that you are being judged on how you look. We recommend focusing on what will make you feel the most like you. If that is trying to get back to how you looked before pregnancy then we are happy to assist. If it is embracing your new mom physique then we are happy for you. In the end please do not feel that you need to change how you look for anyone other than yourself. Whatever will make you happy we will do our best to help you achieve it.

In summary…

Mommy makeovers are a wonderfully diverse group of procedures tailored to help any mom achieve a different aesthetic then their current one. In combination, breast and body procedures can alter your appearance dramatically, getting you back to a pre-baby physique, or augmenting your current one. The timing is highly variable though we do recommend waiting until after you’ve stopped breast-feeding, about 6 months, to ensure that your body has reached a more stable metabolism. The choice of timing, and operation, is ultimately yours. Here are some photos of examples of our patient’s choices for their mommy makeovers.

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Please remember to write questions down so when you come in for consultation we can address all of your concerns.

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