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Scrotox in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

Scrotox at Y Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GA

Scrotox is a non-invasive procedure aimed at improving scrotal aesthetics and addressing excessive groin perspiration. At Y Plastic Surgery in Alpharetta and Atlanta Scrotox is becoming a popular treatment.

What is Scrotox?

Scrotox is the latest cosmetic technique that administers Botox directly into the scrotal tissue. Its primary effect is to refine and eliminate scrotal wrinkles, thereby offering a lower-hanging, more voluminous appearance to the testes.

Originally devised as a remedy for scrotal ailments, such as inflammation and discomfort, Scrotox has swiftly ascended as a sought-after aesthetic treatment, not only amplifying the scrotal appeal but also mitigating perspiration.

Many of Dr. Yalif's patients initially chose the Scrotox treatment to counteract sweat-induced chafing. Yet, the added aesthetic outcomes, such as a smoother, wrinkle-free scrotum, exceeded their expectations.

Scrotox in Atlanta

What are the benefits of

With Scrotox Atlanta patients find a seamless remedy under the expert guidance of a proficient plastic surgeon like Dr. Yalif. This treatment caters to both medical and aesthetic needs. Here are some of the benefits patients are saying:

  • Quick, non-invasive procedure
  • Zero recovery period
  • Lasting outcomes spanning 3 to 5 months
  • Feel more confident
  • May alleviate chronic pain
  • Added scrotal volume and fullness
  • Refined skin texture
  • Diminished perspiration in the groin area


Y Plastic Surgery is proud to offer Scrotox in Atlanta, Alpharetta, and surrounding areas.

In your consultation for Scrotox, Dr. Yalif will address all your queries and apprehensions. Before any treatment can proceed, a comprehensive medical evaluation is done. As a leader in Atlanta, Triple Board Certified Surgeon Dr. Yalif has a rich history of experience in helping patients meet their aesthetic needs.

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Your Scrotox Procedure

At our practices in Atlanta and Alpharetta Scrotox treatments are meticulously executed by Dr. Yalif, a specialist in the field. The procedure begins with a combination of topical and local anesthetics to ensure the patient's comfort. Once the targeted area is adequately numbed, Dr. Yalif proceeds to delineate the optimal injection sites. Using a fine-gauge needle, he carefully administers Botox into the cremasteric muscle of the spermatic cord.

Scrotox procedure is minimally invasive, done in the office, and boasts minimal downtime. Patients can expect to complete the treatment within approximately an hour.

Scrotox in Atlanta
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How long does it take to see results?

With Scrotox Alpharetta and Atlanta patients typically observe results within one to two weeks after the injections. These results should last between three to five months.

Scrotox in Atlanta
Scrotox in Atlanta
Scrotox in Atlanta
Scrotox in Atlanta
Scrotox in Atlanta

Scrotox Recovery and Aftercare

Following the Scrotox procedure, it's common to experience mild discomfort, swelling, or redness at the injection site. These reactions are typical and are expected to diminish over the course of a few hours to several days. Some individuals may also encounter temporary sensations of numbness or tightness in the treated region, which should naturally resolve within a few days.

Scrotox Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Scrotox (Scrotum Botox) is generally considered safe. But as with all cosmetic procedures, there are potential risks usually no different than if you were to inject Botox elsewhere. Dr. Yalif will go over any questions or concerns in your consultation.

Typically, our Scrotox treatments cost $1500 on average. The cost of the procedure can increase or decrease based on the amount of Botox necessary to attain the desired outcome.

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