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Scrotoplasty in Atlanta, GA

Your Solution for a Loose or Stretched Scrotum

Scrotoplasty at Y Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GA

There are several possible reasons why a man may have a loose or stretched scrotum. These can range from genetic factors to the impact of aging, accidents, or injuries. If you are experiencing discomfort or self-consciousness due to the appearance of your scrotum, you may be a candidate for a scrotal lift (Scrotoplasty).

This procedure involves removing excess skin and tightening the underlying tissues of the scrotum to improve its comfort and appearance. Dr. Asaf Yalif of Y Plastic Surgery is a skilled and experienced provider who can help you determine if a scrotal lift is right for you.

Gain Confidence and Comfort

What is Scrotoplasty?

Atlanta Scrotoplasty provider, Dr. Asaf Yalif, offers this procedure (also known as a scrotal lift or scrotum reduction surgery) in the metro Atlanta area. The surgery removes the excess skin from the scrotum for improved comfort and appearance. The skin around the male scrotum may be stretched and loose due to genetics, natural aging, trauma, or injury, which can lead to discomfort, pain, and self-consciousness. Dr. Yalif is also able to tighten the deeper tissues, providing a longer-lasting result without altering the function of the testicles.

Scrotoplasty Atlanta

Elevate Confidence and Comfort

Boost Your Confidence with Scrotoplasty

A scrotal lift at Y Plastic Surgery is a safe surgery that requires a six-to-eight-week recovery period. Scrotoplasty can help a man increase his confidence and self-esteem. Dr. Yalif will also tighten the underlying muscles and address any scrotal web and adjust the tissue and skin for a natural, symmetrical appearance. Men concerned about the size of their scrotum or excess skin are encouraged to schedule a consultation to learn more about Scrotoplasty. A scrotal lift can make physical activities more comfortable and improve confidence.

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Relieve Discomfort

What can Scrotoplasty do?

Many men—young and old—have scrotums that hang low, sag, or feel too big. In the worst cases, the scrotum gets so stretched out that it hurts to wear certain underwear or pants, gets in the way of sexual activity, and may even touch the water in the toilet when you go to the bathroom. Men with this complaint often feel embarrassed, have sexual problems, feel uncomfortable, and even have issues with their hygiene. Gravity and loosening of the scrotum tissue only worsen this problem with age. If you are experiencing such concerns, Scrotoplasty can offer a potential solution to improve both comfort and confidence.

Ideal Atlanta Scrotoplasty Candidates

Candidates for Scrotoplasty can be any age, but the best candidates have:

  • Excess or stretched skin around the scrotum due to age or trauma
  • Pain or discomfort in the scrotum during physical activities
  • Lowered confidence or self-consciousness about the size of the scrotum
  • Good overall health
  • Realistic goals and expectations

Other factors that cause sagging scrotums are hydrocele, varicocele, and chronic swelling or laxity of the scrotum.

Experienced Scrotoplasty Provider

Consultation Asaf Yalif M.D., F.A.C.S. | Triple Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

At Y Plastic Surgery, our skilled triple board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Yalif combines the skill of a fellowship-trained plastic surgeon with a warm bedside manner that puts patients at ease from the moment they meet him. He leads a small team of dedicated professionals at our boutique practice, where you'll be treated as a member of the Y Plastic Surgery family. Learn More.

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Scrotoplasty Atlanta
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What To Expect

Scrotoplasty Preparation and Procedure

A Scrotoplasty is usually performed as an outpatient procedure in about two hours with the patient under general anesthesia. Once the patient is prepared, the doctor will surgically remove the loose skin from the scrotum and then close the incisions. In some cases, the muscle tissue may be tightened or adjusted for the best appearance. A Z-plasty may also be used to add tissue grafts that will reinforce the skin. Surgical incisions should be difficult to detect with proper aftercare.

Scrotoplasty Atlanta
Scrotoplasty Atlanta
Scrotoplasty Atlanta
Scrotoplasty Atlanta
Scrotoplasty Atlanta

Anticipated Results

Scrotoplasty Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

After scrotoplasty, patients will have swelling and bruising for the first week, but the final results are usually visible in two to three months. Ice packs and rest will help alleviate any inflammation and discomfort. Atlanta Scrotoplasty Patients should avoid exercise and sexual activity for six to eight weeks after their surgery to allow the area time to heal properly.

Maintaining your Scrotoplasty results

Patients should attend all follow-up appointments recommended by their plastic surgeon.

Scrotoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Scrotoplasty shouldn't affect a person's ability to have children because the testicles aren't directly operated on and are put back where they were before. Most men who have scrotal lift surgery are older than 40, but some men get sagging scrotums at a younger age.

Most men who undergo Scrotoplasty do not lose the ability to feel their scrotum or penis. These men say they feel much more confident, comfortable, and happy during sexual encounters. The ability to get an erection should not be affected by Scrotoplasty.

If you’re considering a Scrotoplasty in Atlanta, it costs $8,500 at Y Plastic Surgery. The cost includes the OR and anesthesia used during the procedure in addition to the surgeon’s fee. Learn more about the price of Scrotoplasty and other procedures on our Pricing page.

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