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Breast Augmentation – Sizing – How do I choose?

Measuring tape criss crossing woman's breasts in black bra

When our Atlanta patients come in for consultation on breast augmentation, and in some cases breast lift, they always have concerns about implant sizing, Inevitably they have seen a bunch of photos online and think a “size” may be right for them but what if the person they are looking at has a totally different body type? After all 4’11” and 100 lb.’s should not get the same implant as 5’9” and 160lb.s’ right? This blog is designed to inform you of how we help guide you through implant choices and arrive at a choice that will hopefully make it less a guess work and make sense to you. Now we have already done several implant-based blogs in the past, so if you are looking for more information please look back for additional detail. Today we are going to focus on sizing.

Saline vs. Silicone

We have several blogs on this topic so I won’t repeat them here I’ll just say that silicone tends to feel a bit more “natural” while saline implants tend to be a bit more perky (at least initially). This is because the saline implant comes deflated and we fill it “on the table.” That means we can do anywhere from 90-110% fill of the device. That will make it much more perky. The silicone implants come pre-filled and are always either 80-some percent full or 90-some percent full. We cannot change the fill – so we have less ability to manipulate the fullness of the upper pole. That’s not to say that we don’t have other ways to manipulate the breast mound, but this is a simple explanation for one of the main differences between saline and silicone. For a more in depth discussion see the prior blogs please!

Base Width vs. Volume (cc)

There are essentially 2 ways to pick implant – one based on the measurement of the width of your breast, the other on a volume (cc) basis. We try to utilize your base width to help narrow the implant choices so that you can then focus on the way you want your breast to look. What this means is that we measure your breast width, and the thickness of the breast tissue that will be covering the implant and decide on what a reasonable width implant will fit your breast. Think of it like Goldilocks – we don’t want an implant that is too wide – it will sit in your armpit, and we don’t want that is too narrow and won’t augment the whole breast. We want one that fits the width of you just right.

Once we know your base width we can then focus on the next choice (after we have chosen saline/silicone). This is to determine which projection you lik best. All the implants come in a low, mid and high projection. That means for your base width you have at least 3 choices of device; One that augments a little, one mid, and one high. That also means that you have one option with relatively conservative ccs, (low profile) and one with relatively high ccs (high profile). In the office we have a sizing kit that helps us try the cc volume for each profile and help you come to volume and projection that works for you.

Now I am sure you are saying “Doc why don’t you just pick for me.” We do get that a lot. But it is not our job to make the decision for you but rather to help inform you of the options that will give you a reasonable result and then recommend a choice or two that we think best fit you. In the end though it is your body and you have to decide what kind of look you want for you. After all we have just met and what I think may be attractive may not be to your taste. I can still help you achieve your goal though by doing an excellent operation even if our tastes differ by helping guide you to an implant that will satisfy your desires and give you the result you want. In the end that is always what your plastic surgeon should aim for – to make you happy and thrilled with your results!

I still don’t get it…

We know this is difficult to digest, especially in word form and without the devices in front of you. We are always happy to answer your questions online and in person. You can also call one of our offices at (404) 476-8774 (Alpharetta), (770) 954-8406 (Roswell), or (678) 737-4612 (Woodstock) to schedule an appointment.

Please write questions down, look through the internet to find photos of breasts that you like and bring those photos with you – it can help us narrow your choices further.

As a Triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon I make sure to spend significant time with you to help you realize your goals in breast augmentation. With my years of experience and technical expertise, I know that I am more than capable of providing you with a result that exceeds your expectations.

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