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Atlanta Eyelid Surgery

People’s eyes are often the first feature that we notice, and aging eyes can cause individuals to look more haggard, tired, and older than they are. As we age, eyelids develop fine lines, wrinkles, heavy bags, and droopy skin. Triple board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Asaf Yalif addresses all of these concerns with eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, at our Alpharetta, Roswell, and Woodstock, GA, plastic surgery locations. By removing extraneous skin, tissue, and fat on the upper or lower eyelids, Dr. Yalif can transform your appearance so you look more youthful, refreshed, and revitalized.

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Ideal Atlanta Eyelid Surgery Candidates

Both men and women can benefit from upper or lower eyelid surgery, or a combination. In metro Atlanta, candidates for eyelid surgery typically have:

  • Crepey, wrinkled eyelid skin that makes them look older
  • Droopy upper eyelids that overhang the lash line
  • Bags under the eyes

The patients who come to our practice considering blepharoplasty usually desire a more refreshed, rejuvenated appearance that looks natural.

Understanding Your Procedure

During your consultation, Dr. Yalif explains the different techniques he uses for eyelid surgery and thoroughly examines the quality and tone of the skin around your eyes. Depending on his exam and your aesthetic goals, he may recommend either upper or lower eyelid surgery or a procedure that combines both.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

Certain patients may be able to have an upper eyelid lift with local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure in our treatment room where we perform minor procedures. For all upper eyelid surgeries, Dr. Yalif makes incisions within the natural crease of the eyelids. He extends the incision outward as much as possible in order to address the extraneous skin folds located on the outside of the upper lid. After carefully making the incision, Dr. Yalif removes the excess fat and skin. He then closes the incision with sutures he removes at a follow-up appointment.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

With lower eyelid surgery, Dr. Yalif places the incision along the base of the lash line. This provides Dr. Yalif access to remove the extraneous fat and tissue. A special technique used for patients who have good skin tone but puffy lower lids is called transconjunctival blepharoplasty. In this approach, the incision is made inside the lower lid, leaving no visible scar.

Upper & Lower Combined

For some patients, both the lower and upper eyelids need to be addressed to correct all issues effectively. When both are combined, surgery can last around 2 hours.

Asaf Yalif M.D., F.A.C.S.

Triple Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Yalif combines the skill of a fellowship-trained plastic surgeon with a warm bedside manner that puts patients at ease from the moment they meet him. He leads a small team of dedicated professionals at our boutique practice, where each you'll be treated as a member of the Y Plastic Surgery family. Learn More

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Doctor Yalif's Credentials
Doctor Yalif's Credentials

What Is the Cost of Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) in Atlanta?

The cost of eyelid surgery in Atlanta varies depending on the extent of the procedure. At Y Plastic Surgery, blepharoplasty starts at $3,000 for the upper eyelids only. For the lower eyelids only, the starting cost is $4,400. The starting cost is $6,000 for patients who choose to combine upper and lower eyelid surgery. Learn more about what’s included in the cost of an eyelid surgery and other procedures on our Pricing page.

Combining Procedures

Eyelid surgery patients can often benefit from nonsurgical treatments to provide more comprehensive results. Patients with dark under eye circles caused by a lack of fat in the area, for example, could benefit from fat transfer or injections of Restylane® or another dermal filler to provide volume to the area.


Eyelid surgery is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia in an accredited surgical facility. After the surgery, patients can expect to have eye irritation and bruised and swollen eyelids. These symptoms typically last a few days and can be eased with ice packs, medicated eye ointments, and eye drops. It’s also important to keep the head elevated.

Most patients experience little discomfort during the recovery after eyelid surgery and they can resume normal activities within a week. Once the swelling and bruising resolve, you can expect to see natural-looking, more youthful, refreshed eyelids. In addition, scars shouldn’t be visible due to their placement.

Men and women considering eyelid surgery travel from Atlanta and throughout Georgia to have Dr. Yalif perform the procedure. Request a consultation using the online form to discuss your goals personally with Dr. Yalif. You can also call us at (404) 822-4402 to schedule an appointment.