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Category Archives: General Surgery

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Breast Cancer – how can I help you?

The journey from diagnosis, to treatment, to remission and cure is a harrowing one. It is terribly overwhelming and a daunting task for even the most formidable person. The fact that every day there are so many women starting their journey is very, very sad. As a doctor, and a human, it is incumbent on …

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Woman after plastic surgery in Alpharetta, GA

Combining Surgeries Enhances the Results of Each Procedure

As we age, our bodies change in a variety of areas. Loose skin, deep wrinkles, or unwanted fat can collect on multiple parts of the body. Many patients ask if they can combine plastic surgery procedures to fix each of these problems at once. Good news: Combining procedures like breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction …

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Transgender choices – Top surgery (F to M)

When our Atlanta transgender patients come to our offices in Woodstock, Roswell, or Alpharetta for consultation on their transition choices we try to have a frank discussion about their options and how to maneuver them to achieve their desired gender aesthetic. In today’s blog we will discuss options for female to male transition. In a …

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“In-Office” Plastic Surgery Procedures: What Is Safe? What Is Reasonable?

Whether they're interested in body contouring, eyelid surgery, or another plastic surgery, our Atlanta and Alpharetta patients come in for a consultation often wondering what can be accomplished “without anesthesia.” Many are concerned about general anesthesia and are worried about having procedures performed in a hospital, especially during the current pandemic. This blog is designed …

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Coronavirus and plastic surgery

COVID – 19 is a new/novel virus that is rapidly spreading from China throughout the world. It has spread quickly and as it now reaches into many states across America. The World Health Organization has deemed it a pandemic – meaning it affects everyone. Patients are rightfully apprehensive. and there is a lot of misinformation …

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